Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Most Important Things in Life aren't Things.

I really believe that everything happens for a reason, so anytime I am in a new situation, I try to figure exactly what the reason may be. Being away from everyone these past couple months, in Greece, has really given me a new perspective on life and gratitude. The older I become the more I am able to appreciate people and what they have done for me all throughout my life. I feel so blessed to have so many "best friends" and such an awesome family. Many of my role models growing up are now my great friends. My life is proof that the most important things in life aren't things.

New Year's 2010

My dad is one of the most amazing people I know. He has always been such an involved, loving father to all of us kids: coaching, attending games and practices (even the far away ones), always making sure that we have everything we need and much of what we dont need :) Yes, he is human and therefore not perfect, as a matter of fact this past family vacation we all reminisced about our favorite beatings as a child hahaha, yet one of my biggest fears is that I will never find someone who compares to my dad's selflessness, integrity, and work ethic.

As you can see, my mom is stunningly beautiful. What I appreciate most about her is that I don't think there is anyone else on the planet who loves me more unconditionally than her. One of the biggest life lessons I have learned from her is that just because someone makes mistakes doesn't make them a bad person, and certainly not worth any less. An old, dirty, crinkled $100 bill is worth the same amount as perfectly new one.

My Lola is my favorite person in the whole world. When I was little, I loved her because she always gave me money. As I grew up, I learned to love her because she is simply good. She is the most devout Christian I know. She is sincerely kind to every person she knows and meets, and she takes care of her family. These are just the obvious things. She can be endearingly naive. Other things I adore about her are things like the fact that she never gets jokes the first three times they are told. And not only that but she will sit and think about them after the conversation has moved on, and once she finally figures it out she laughs out loud about it and explains it to us all :) She is also hilarious on the trampoline, four-wheeler, and definitely while playing Skippo with her grandkids.

Melanie and I at my high school graduation above, and Rach and Christina (sisters) below

Melanie, Rachel, Christina! I was so lucky to have such amazing youth leaders growing up-seriously. (I know there were more of you that I loved too...dont be offended if your name isnt mentioned!) All three of them were married with families, but took the time not only to get to know me, but to be my friends. My senior year of high school, my two very best friends left for college, as well as many other friends. Mel, Rachel and Christina became my new best friends haha...I doubt it was such a big deal to them, but I really enjoyed hanging out with them, working out together, baking cookies, long deep name it. It ended up being a great time for me and I will always remember what a big part they played in my teenage years :) I always look forward to seeing them when I go home to Texas !

My crazy brothers! When I was a little girl, I would have given anything to have a sister. I remember being angry at my dad to the point of tears during one of my moms ultrasounds because he was joking that he "sees a boy in there." Turns out he wasnt joking! While I was a mean, anal, bossy big sister not so long ago, I love my brothers more now than ever. Not only are they all incredibly good-looking, but they are all incredibly good. (not perfect, but good) Remington is currently serving a 2 year mission for our church, a huge sacrifice for a 19 year old boy. Im so proud of him, not only because he's where he's supposed to be, but because of the work it took for him to get there. Cutler. He is crazy. You can't always tell from the outside, but he is a passionate, deep guy. I cant wait to see the girl he marries and what his kids will be like :) Montana, Montana...if you have ever met the kid, you already know how amazing he is. If anyone in this world "got it all," he definitely did. Maverick is also a loving talented kid, and Im excited to see him play sports in high school. We joke that he is my dads favorite (but secretly it's not a joke haha) Him and Bridger will always be "the babies," no matter how old they are! know him is to love him. I dont know how he ended up to be such a sweet little boy at the end of 5 brothers, but we cant help but adore him and his cute little quirks.

And the list goes on and on...Freshman year at BYUH many great memories!

Becca and Alyssa-Are the craziest, most fun girls. (sisters) Lyss in on a mission right now :) Melissa just got married in July.

Nicole is one of my best friends too! She is the most pleasant person to be around :) She just got married in June.

Arielle is literally one of the most beautiful girls I know! Not to sound cliche, but inside and out. She gets married this December :)

Jenelle is my second cousin, and also one of my favorite people ever! I have known her my whole life and have this hilarious memory of us making hair scrunchies when we were little. I always remind her of it hahaha. She is also married and pregnant with baby number 3 :)

Kayla, Brittany, and I became best friends in high school. We are a funny combination in personality and appearance! I love them like sisters and dont know how I could have made it through high school with out them. We have that relationship where we dont have to talk everyday to know we love each other. I love not seeing each other for months and picking up right where we left off! Both of them are married now with babies, Mavrick and Annabelle :)

I have 3 good friends named Kayla-this is Kayla Ragan. She is part of some of my favorite memories in high school. Mudding, chips and salsa, skipping school, and girls nights. She always reminds me to "Smile, life's too short not to" :)

This blog wouldnt be complete with out mentioning these lovely ladies. God didnt give me a sister, but he gave 3 beautiful aunts! I love talking with them, shopping with them, Cafe Rio with them, basically everything I would need a sister for :) These are my moms sisters, but my dads are just as awesome when I get to spend time with them!

All of these people have made some kind of positive impression on my life. There are so many more people I could go on and on about!! Like I said, I'm so blessed, and my life is definitely proof that the most important things in life aren't things at all <3


  1. Ashlen, you are so thoughtful (and you speak the absolute truth) here! I know your parents had a HUGE smile on their faces when they read all the wonderful things you said here. :) I hope my daughter turns out to be like you one day.


  2. I was always surprised that you WANTED to hang out with me when you are in high school! I am SO glad that you did though b/c I really consider you one of my best friends and certainly YOU have had more of an impact on my life than I could ever put into words. I loved hearing about your grandma with jokes... that is hilarious!!

  3. You may not remember who I am, but I do know you, and wow, how fun was it to look through your blog! Love seeing you and how beautiful you are, and love seeing all the awesome pics of the family! I was there prob. 13 years ago when you were mad for not getting a sister. It used to be pretty wild and crazy around the Quirante house, looks so fun to see you all grown (or growing) up. Tell the parents "hi"- Beth Allred

  4. Hey Beth!
    I do remember yall visiting over at my grandpas house sometimes! Things sure have changed since then, but Im glad to say it's all for the better! I was very upset when I found out Maverick was a boy (I actually ran out of the ultrasound room crying), but turns out I wouldnt trade him for the world. So funny you remember that! I will certainly tell the family hello though!